Lou Reed Dead/Albright

Bob Morris bobmorris at mediaone.net
Wed May 9 16:59:03 PDT 2001

>"Sister Ray" opened the door for thirty years of punk and hip hop. I'd
argue that, together, Jimi and Lou created the basic vocabulary of multinational music, a.k.a. hip hop.

Let's not forget Kraftwerk, who simultaneously paved the way towards disco =and= electronica. Light years ahead of their time. Still are. Just like the Velvets.

Among other the precursors to punk were the MC5, Stooges, and New York Dolls.

(Wayne Kramer, of the MC5, has released several excellent CDs the past few years, just assembled an excellent anthology called "Beyond Cyberpunk", and gigs in L.A.. Iggy, amazingly, is still alive. David Johansen is now in a blues band - I saw the CD at Tower! )

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