Hitch & the New School

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Thu May 10 14:34:24 PDT 2001

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>ps maybe it would be best if you unsubbed me...again.

Let's hope not, Rakesh...I'd certainly miss your presence here in Dougs' Salon (a.k.a. LBO-Talk). Don't let Doug bait you like that - I used to think that Doug was as poor on the rational/logical as he was good on the empirical, but, if the recent Monthly Review interview is any indicator, it is clear that Doug is as capable of logic and reason as the next person
:-) What you are subject to here is the SalonMasters' Ruse of Unreason,
doled out in a manner that borders (but only just!) on the supercilious...

But what I want to know, just what part of Marxs' theory of value "doesn't correspond to reality"?

And Hitchins? An obvious rank opportunist and apologist for the "liberal" style of Anglo-American imperialism.

-Brad Mayer Oakland, CA

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