doctor disease

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Fri May 11 11:13:03 PDT 2001

Kelley Walker wrote:

>At 10:14 AM 5/11/01 -0400, Wojtek Sokolowski wrote:
>> However, KPFK, WBAI
>>and other 'alternative' stations thrive on feeding newage health witchcraft
>>to their post-yuppie audiences, and that witchcraft often involves
>>conventional medicine bashing.
>would you mind coming up with some evidence to back up this claim?
>do their reports on these matters really come down on the side of
>newage healthcare? got any transcipts? content analysis research?

This is absolutely true of WBAI. The quack Gary Null has a daily show, and his premiums - which he sells to the station at an unmodest wholesale price - bring in big bucks at pledge time. He's not the only quack on the air, either. Null and his other quack colleagues urge parents not to vaccinate their children, which borders on the criminally irresponsible, I'd say.


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