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Kelley Walker kelley at
Fri May 11 19:38:03 PDT 2001

At 06:11 PM 5/11/01 -0700, Dennis Robert Redmond wrote:
>On Fri, 11 May 2001, Marta Russell wrote:
> > When it takes going to three or four doctors to find one who can
> > diagnose a blood clot in the leg when the leg is turning blue as
> > happened to a good friend of mine (and caused him hospitalization
> > cause of their ineptitude and failure to catch it when it started),
> > ain't it obvious?
>Not necessarily. The human body is enormously complex, doctors are
>fallible and not superhuman, but chances are they have a way better chance
>of finding out what's wrong than most of us, who don't have any medical
>training it all. The worst problems in our medical system continue to be
>lack of access and overworked practitioners, hounded by a system which
>puts the needs of the rich above the needs of the working majority.
>Medical care is one of those areas where class differences really do kill;
>future societies will consider America's noxious lack of single-payer
>coverage for the atrocious horror it is -- the moral equivalent of
>death-camps. Capital is what turns people into commodified meat products,
>not the imperfect professionals who labor therein.
>-- Dennis

perhaps you could point out 1. where marta has suggested that doctors are individually reponsible for these too regular occurrences; 2. where marta has suggested that she prefers non-trained 'healers' or somesuch over trained physicians,etc.; 3. where she had denied that the worst aspect of the system is lack of access.

as if people here don't know that marta is likely personally intimate with the medical system and has been its beneficiary, works with people who are like here, and that she has written one of the few books making the connection between capitalism and ableism.


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