Christianity and S/M

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Tue May 22 15:07:23 PDT 2001

Guerino Calemine wrote:

>Someone please explain this alleged "sado-masochistic character
>structure" of Christianity. (Or as CB might put it, the Christian
>nature of sadomasochism.) I'm highly skeptical of this notion
>(suspect it comes from a perversion/stereotype of Christianity - or
>Christendom - and not based on "actual" Christianity, especially as
>enunciated by St. Paul), but I'm willing to hear you out. So go

Hmm, well, let's start with Jesus. Outfitted with a crown of thorns, whipped, humiliated, crucified. Offered a vinegared sponge when he complained of thirst. Famous for his sacred bleeding heart. The faithful are supposed to identify with his suffering - and anticipate the eternal suffering of the wicked in Hell.


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