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The only affiliation I can find is with Dr. Adil E. Shamoo, Ph.D. (below) but I will ask Vera Shaw. mart




Department of Biochem. & Mol. Biol.

University of Maryland Baltimore

108 N. Greene Street

Baltimore Maryland 21201

Tel. (410) 706-3327

FAX (410) 706-3189

email: ashamoo at

A research scientist with over 30 years experience in the laboratory with over

200 papers in the field of biophysics, biochemistry and ethics, science and public

policy. Currently, a professor and former chairman of Department of

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and a member of the graduate faculty of

Applied Professional Ethics, and affiliated with the Center for Biomedical Ethics

at the University of Maryland, Baltimore. Dr. Shamoo consults on Ethics and

Science. He chaired seven international conferences on ethics in research and

public policy. The last two conferences he chaired in 1995 and 1998 were on

Research and Decisional Capacity. Dr. Shamoo has testified on this issue before

Congressional Committees and the National Bioethics Advisory Commission. Dr.

Shamoo served from 1995-1998, on the Maryland Attorney General’s Task force

to propose legislation to protect the decisionally impaired human subjects in

research. In this regard, Dr. Shamoo when serving on the Board of Directors of

the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI), he was the principal author of

their 1997 Code of Ethics for enrolling mentally ill in research.

Dr. Shamoo’s involvement in public service spans over twenty years. He has

been president of the Board of Directors of Howard County Mental Health

Authority (HCMHA) since its inception in 1997. He co-led four years efforts in

Maryland to pass the first and most comprehensive Mental Health Parity Law in

the nation in 1994.

In addition to serving on the HCMHA Board, Dr. Shamoo currently also serves as a

member of the Board of Directors of Friends Research Institute, a national

research and philanthropic organization, Citizens for Responsible Care and

Research (also serves as first Vice-president). In the past, he had served on

numerous Boards and councils at the local, state, and national level.

Dr. Shamoo is the founder and Editor-in-Chief in 1988 of the journal

"Accountability in Research." He has given talks on these topics worldwide. Dr.

Shamoo has held visiting professorship in notable institutions such as Institute

for Political Studies in Paris, France and East Carolina University. His current

interests in the area of Ethics, Science, and Public Policy are in: development of

good research practices, ethics and public policy, objectivity and conflict of

interest, and the use of humans in research especially persons with mental

illness. Dr. Shamoo teaches graduate students on "Responsible Conduct of

Research" and hold workshops on ethics in research. Dr. Shamoo has been cited

and/or appeared frequently in local and national media in print, radio, and

television such as The New York Times; The Boston Globe; The Dallas Morning

News; The LA Times CBS; CNN as well as The Baltimore Sun and local television.

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Angeles and Sepulveda VA Medical Facilities and Informed Consent and Patient

Safety in VA Medical Research

Michael Pugliese wrote:
> I could as I do on occasion in my conspianoia mode be jumping to
> conclusions here, but is that group a Scientology front? ADHD>Ritalin and
> anti-Prozac agit prop from there, the Eagle Forum of Phyllis Schlafley and
> Dr. Peter Breggin. Though the overuse of ritalin to rein in boys who are
> being boys does concern me and other pwoggies not just quacks like Breggin
> and the Xtian Right.
> ner+Sharav&sa=Search&cat=gwd%2FTop%2FSociety%2FIssues%2FConspiracy
> Michael Pugliese


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