Medicating children

Wojtek Sokolowski sokol at
Thu May 24 10:33:53 PDT 2001

At 09:54 AM 5/24/01 -0700, Joanna wrote:
>1) We live in an industrialized/fragile environment which makes it almost
>impossible for children to be have energy and to expend

So what is the alternative, going back to the jungle?

I am afraid much of your complaint list is but newage "bad civilization - noble savagery" crap. Does not hold water upon closer scrutiny.

1. Humans are extremely adaptable to any environment. You would not call, say, Innuit (Eskimo) adaptation, unnatural, so what is so "unnatural" about the modern society. We may not like certain modern lifestyles for ideological reasons, nut callin them "unnatural" is, as Karl Marx said, like religion - evereone else's is man-made, ours is god-given.

2. You tend to ignore the fact that conformity to very strict rules of social conducts and control of one's emotion have been thenorm in many societies (such as Far East) without producing abnormalities that our helping professions find in our children.

3. "Hyperactivity" per se is not a problem, but it often turns into aggression. Examples of aggressive behaviour arte abundant in this society's culture and it would be foolish te reject theidea that they provide role models for kids. Allowing "hyperactive" children to act out those insane fantasies to avoid frustrating them even further bordern on insanity itself.

4. Your example re. "excessive sexuality" is well taken - but let's not fall into a slippery slope. There is a big difference between mutiliating healthy women and controlling an overly aggressive, suicidal or homicidal child, th elatter does NOT lead to the former. On the contrary, "child's welfare" is often used as a pretext to punish women for making certain choices in this country by zealous prosecutors.

5. I think you and others on this list have an unrealistic image of children as "cute little angels" who need all the nourishment in the world.

Bull! They are often nasty little bastards, getting away with torture and murder whenever they can (i.e. when it involves insects or small animals), selfishly manipulating adults to get what they want, and cruel toward their peers and syblings who cannot fight back (see the film "Welcome to the Dollhouse" for a starter). If those traits were not corrected by proper upbringing, they would produce monsters.


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