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LaRouche, let's see. A fascist demagogue jailed for cheating on his taxes and having his minions fleece elderly widows of their savings in bogus investment schemes.


His people are hucksters, drawing you in with plausible-sounding rhetoric before they reveal the LaRouche is the world's greatest economist who has tracked the GREAT GLOBAL CONSPIRACY back to castrating Jewish bitches in Babylon. Makes average sexism and racism seem mild.

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> I'm missing something. I thought the conference looked
interesting and
> seemed to have some truth to it. Are you all trying to say
that the
> conference was sponsored by LaRouche? That it was just a
platform for
> LaRouche's ideas? If that's so, let me know.
> As for me, I work in a shipyard on the Ohio River.
LaRouche only visits
> me on groundhogs day. A guy at work saw this article on
"From the
> Wilderness" and thought it was interesting. I think so,
too. By saying
> "LaRouche," are you saying there's no merit to what they
are saying?
> What's the paranoia about LaRouche anyway? Last I heard
he was some kook
> in jail and running for president.
> Terry
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