Max Sawicky sawicky at
Mon May 28 07:53:36 PDT 2001

I'm missing something. I thought the conference looked interesting and seemed to have some truth to it. Are you all trying to say that the conference was sponsored by LaRouche? That it was just a platform for LaRouche's ideas? If that's so, let me know.

As for me, I work in a shipyard on the Ohio River. LaRouche only visits me on groundhogs day. A guy at work saw this article on "From the Wilderness" and thought it was interesting. I think so, too. By saying "LaRouche," are you saying there's no merit to what they are saying?

What's the paranoia about LaRouche anyway? Last I heard he was some kook in jail and running for president. Terry

Any event in which LaR participates is something he sponsors, since nobody of any repute has anything to do with him. He is totally dishonest (and out of jail, at the moment). Whatever you do, don't give them your credit card #.

There is no merit to what he is saying in the sense that none of it that has any merit is original, and anything that is original has no merit. Certainly the issues he raises are important -- he's marketing himself, after all.

You can get better information elsewhere, without the goofiness.


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