Happy Memorial Day, Mr. Kissinger"

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at osu.edu
Tue May 29 07:15:06 PDT 2001

>I imagine the families of the victims of Pinochet would rather have his
>sponsors in the U.S. held responsible, but I bet they've derived some
>satisfaction from the fact that the former supreme leader of their country
>has been officially booked.
>Carrol, what would the West charge Castro with? How would the rest of the
>world react? Maybe they'd kick the U.S. of the U.N. Human Rights Committee.
>Oh, they already have done that, haven't they....
>The snatching of Noreiga in Panama -- Operation Just Cause, or as I like to
>think of it, Just Cause We Say So -- happened before any of these latest,
>reformist developments. These developments just highlights the hypocrisy of
>the U.S. and undermine whatever appearences of legitimacy concerning foreign
>policy it might have.

Any of the latest has yet to take anything weighty away from the Evil Empire. Rights are unenforceable without state power to enforce them, so unless & until the proletariat in the USA take state power, the U.S. ruling class & governing elite will go scot-free.


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