"Happy Memorial Day, Mr. Kissinger"

Carl Remick carlremick at hotmail.com
Tue May 29 22:07:26 PDT 2001

>As political figures, Carter was a joke,
>and Reagan did a lot to change the world.

Some joke. Carter anticipated Clinton as the first stealth rightwing Democrat. He ushered in the age of deregulation via the airlines, a disaster that is still playing itself out. And he fulfilled Nixon's worst nightmares of the US as "pitiful, helpless giant" through the Iran hostage debacle and the wearing of cardigans in a chilly White House -- thus breeding a pervasive sense of national humiliation and stoking a popular passion for the strutting braggadocio of the Reagan/Bush I years. In many respects, Reagan's world-change would have been impossible or difficult without Carter greasing the way.

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