Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at
Wed May 30 15:36:08 PDT 2001

>>>Call it perversive, but I derive a great
>>>pleasure from shitting on party lines and altars.
>which makes you exactly like the kids you are complaining about.
>now THAT's perversive.

Nowadays, nearly everyone is ashamed of being called orthodox. Even conservatives want to see themselves as heterodox. Among leftists, it goes without saying that orthodoxy -- whatever it is -- is a sin (if not a sin, certainly politically incorrect). In part the fear of being called orthodox is a fear of being common, ordinary, & unoriginal -- a very modern & modernist fear. It's a fear that we should overcome; otherwise, political discussion gets silly. "Party lines" should be rejected only when they are false, not because they are "party lines."


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