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Thu May 31 12:54:27 PDT 2001

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Bill certainly DID break the law: he lied to a federal judge under oath, a point on which I am particularly sensitive. The judges are particular about it too.


CB: This federal judges are holier than thou stuff has got to go. The fundamentals of the jurisprudence of the current Supreme Court majority are saturated with lying premises about history, life, reality. The mendacity of the federal judiciary is due no respect , though definitely fear.

What was whathisname, the special prosecutor, a FEDERAL FUCKING JUDGE, doing investigating Bill and forgothername ( not Monica L.) when he was supposed to be looking into Whitewater ? It was law as politics and DISHONEST. In other words, the question to Clinton only got posed because the dishonesty of the special prosecutor Starr, that's his name, a federal judge on a political fishingexpedition in the lying name of pursing "justice". Starr , the federal judge, was the biggest liar in the whole thing.


It makes things worse that he was chief exec and a lawyer. As to whatever Bill did with his interns, I don't care; that's between him and Hilary, although I think it's creepy for an older man to exploit an employment relation to take sexual advantage of evena willing much younger employee. None of this has much to do with the personal habits of a right wing publicist in getting a date. --jks

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