Sullivan, Moralism and Morality

kelley kelley at
Thu May 31 14:22:30 PDT 2001

At 05:01 PM 5/31/01 -0400, LeoCasey at wrote:
>I agree entirely that Nathan's and Justin's posts on this question, which
>should not be too surprising given my earlier comments.
>Now that Kelley has gotten me to make yet one more expenditure for another
>piece of software to give everybody their !@#$%^&*()_+ plain text postings
>[total cost $140 and counting],

if you'd paid attention, i could have told you how to get them for free! i told you in my first offlist to you way back when!

sheesh. also, you could have gotten pegasus for free, i believe or just used the mail reader in a netscape browser. i told you that, too!


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