Ron Paul weighs in

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Wed Oct 3 06:34:16 PDT 2001

Matt Cramer wrote (offlist, but I'm answering here):

>Do you have a critique of Rep. Paul's position? Paul is my favorite
>Congressperson as well, manifesting in a politician all what I think is
>right about classical liberalism.
>Like opposition to the Drug War, is this an oppurtunity for unity amongst
>the left and the libertarian right? From the position of individual
>liberties and a free-market, I also oppose US Imperialism including a
>potential war in Afghanistan.
>I guess I'm wondering if the left can see past our
>[libertarians] "fetishes" with the RKBA and privacy, e.g., to fight a
>common enemy.
>If you reply and want it onlist, feel free to include these questions.

Ron Paul has some extremely nutty opinions. He's a goldbug and something of a theocrat. But I agreed with much of what he said there, and I'm happy to join with libertarians on anti-imperial and pro-civil liberties initiatives. Hey, I used to be one.


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