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you really think the war-economy footing is going to provide much of an uptick in this case, given the kind of war that's envisaged? doug?

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> What are you talking about? The U.S. has successfully dominated the
> world for the last 50 years, destroying its longtime rival, crushing
> any ideological, political, or military challenge to its rule, and
> pacifying the domestic population. If that isn't success, I don't
> know what is. The downing of the WTC, while it may be the beginning
> of something very ugly, can hardly be considered the end of the
> imperium.

Indeed, it might be argued that, as the post-WTC revulsion has accorded Washington so much moral leverage, and as that power has been dramatically grasped by circumventing the Security Council by way of a complex of handy bilateral arrangements, and as the US economy stands to benefit more from a protracted war-economy footing than anyone else, and as there's a chance here to consolidate hegemony over oil-fields and their proceeds just as a global production peak may be at hand, well, this might not even be the end of the beginning ... of course, all that depends on this strangely amorphous and unpredictable campaign going well for them ... which might just require a better PR community, better diplomats, harsher threats and more sumptuous bribes than even Washington has on call ...

Is it just all this exposure to Big Questions that the Net affords these days, or has the world really come off its bearings of late? For perhaps the first time in nearly forty years, absolutely everything, from a smug to armageddon itself seems possible in a thrice!

Cheers, Rob.

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