Blair's evidence against Bin Laden

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Fri Oct 5 14:18:00 PDT 2001

Justin Schwartz wrote:
> Now you are being naive. The Israelis do not target only those whom they
> believe, in their VERY expansive notion of "terrorism" (which includes all
> resistance to Israeli power), they expressly target politicalleaders who
> work for peace for taht very reason, like tahe fellow who was mentioned a
> while back.

At what point does ignorance and naivete become deliberate, and hence represent not ignorance and naivete but deliberate collaboration with murder? I am having a hard time believing that Luke does not know better than this.

German military officers were convicted after the war for lesser violations of international law (re occupying forces) than the Israeli's have been continually commiting ever since the 1968 war. And to return to the question of language, does not "crime against humanity" rather better fit the Israeli occupation than the 9/11 attacks?


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