Chomsky takes down Hitchens

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> You are running together recklessness and negligence and accidental.
> Unforeseeable consequences, or anyway unforeseeable victims, are merely
> accidental. Doing something that has bad and unintended consquences that
> unforeseeable is merely bad luck, not culpable. If a reasonable person
> have known better, that means the victim was foreseeable, and I have been
> negligent. If the danger was foreseeable and known and I didn't care, I
> reckless.

Thanks. Now I understand that you were also trying to explain the valid distinction between negligence and recklessness.

> You mean, hatred by Muslim fundamentalists?


> That's because the US supports
> Israel's occupation, sends troops into Saudoi, attacks, Iraq, etc., and
> Soviets didn't.

Isn't it true that without initial Soviet support (which eventually changed into outright opposition), there would be no Israel?

-- Luke

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