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Tue Oct 9 05:48:22 PDT 2001

WWP was founded by Sam Marcy from Buffalo SWP http://www.geocities.com/youth4sa/hungary.html to support the Soviet tanks in 1956 crushing the Hungarian Revolution http://www.google.com/search?q=Workers+World+Hungary+1956 http://www.workers.org/marcy/1990/sm900104.html http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&num=10&q=related:www.workers.org/marcy/19 90/sm900104.html http://www.marxist.com/History/hungary1956_tedgrant.html , which observers as various as Peter Fryer http://home.online.no/~vorhaug/politics/arkiv/hungarian_tragedy/10_what_now. html writing in the Daily Worker of the CPGB and Hannah Arendt in, On Revolution, "lauded for it's Workers Councils. Soviets crushing soviets.

David Widgery edited a fine Penguin Books anthology, "The British New Left, 1956-1968, " (may be off on the title a bit) that has many pieces from Fryer, and The New Reasoner and Universities and Left Review, which E.P. Thompson, Raymond Williams, Alasdair MacIntryre and other luminaries wrote for, which merged later to become New Left Review.

( "Cultural Marxism in Postwar Britain: History, the New Left, and the Origins of Cultural Studies, " by Dennis Dworkin. http://www.dukeupress.edu/ )

The Hungarian intervention and the speech of Khruschev to the 20th Party Congress of the CPSU, were signal crises for the Old Left.WWP exists in the ideological realm where such crises have been explained away and/or never grappled with. Michael Pugliese

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