Dennis dperrin13 at mediaone.net
Tue Oct 9 06:36:51 PDT 2001

> Dennis, this is uncalled for. Lou's tone is measured and reasonable. He
> offers no apologetics for China here. He says, rather, than it's not
> capitalist, yet. He didn't say it was wonderful. It is quite possible to
> that the Chinese regime is vile and noncapitalist. I would say this
> I don't know whether Lou would agree, since he didn't say, and I am not
> familiar enough with the WWP line to guess, assuming, what further thing I
> also do not know, that he would feel obliged to defend the official line
> public. I am sure that the class nature of China is not the most important
> thing on the table right now. I don't care to get into it. But when
> comes on board and talks like a human being, he should be treated like

> jks

I have no desire nor time to get involved with a discussion about the fucking WWP. They are sectarian jerks, parasites who have no popular link to the American working class (which is not a monolithic entity) and never will. They also support the killing of unarmed dissidents in order to protect sweatshop "socialism" and other earthly delights offered to The People by the vile Chinese regime. Lou can drone on about the revolutionary power of Santa Claus for all I care, and you can pat his back in agreement. At least some rough entertainment will be had. Let a thousand pro-WWP posts bloom!


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