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Tue Oct 9 13:40:03 PDT 2001

oh, is it all just a matter of various sorts of sectarian intolerance, doug? or have you, in yr salon, bred numerous hothouse flowers that simply won't blossom in the heat of day?

go ahead and unsubscribe me. i get enough junk mail as is.

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Yes, I want a democratic forum. My complaint was that lots of listmembers don't seem to agree - they don't want to hear from people whose interests, beliefs, or temperaments are significantly different from theirs. And they have the epithets to prove it.


Juan Jose Barrios wrote:

>it is precisely on crisis times when you must become more tolerant. Views
>are usually expressed under too much anxiety. Just let it go. Dont you
>wanted a democratic forum??
>Doug Henwood wrote:
>> lweiger at umich.edu wrote:
>> >Doug, would you please welcome him back? I'd hate to think that my
>> >most lasting contribution to this list was hastening (with Justin's
>> >help) the exit of such an open and unblinded mind.
>> He didn't leave, though he seems to be contemplating it.
>> I've been especially distressed - meaning I usually am, but it's been
>> worse lately - by the insularity of a lot of listmembers. They're not
>> interested in, or quite hostile to, people they deem too sectarian,
>> or too liberal, or too "academic," or too whatever. The major reason
>> I started this list was to offer a forum where people on the broadly
>> defined "left," whatever that is, could talk across disciplinary,
>> political, and temperamental boundaries. Sometimes it works, but in
>> times of crisis, like this, the fault lines really become apparent.
>> In my gloomier moments I think maybe I should just pull the plug on
>> the whole thing because it's all so fucking doomed and just
>> reposition myself as a writer of starlet profiles.
>> Doug

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