"Hate America" Left

Angelita Manzano angiemanzano at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 12 10:57:58 PDT 2001

--- Miles Jackson <cqmv at pdx.edu> wrote:
> If you don't see that a person
> can
> be critical of U. S. foreign policy and still be a
> "good
> American", yes, I contend you're being irrational.
> Miles

Perhaps it is wrong for you to assume that this is my position? Perhaps it is wrong for you to assume that the passage you referred to in you article was the part that I found really elitist? I think--in responding to my posting this way--you are just proving my point.

===== ". . (A)ctivists must begin by rallying support for what they favor, not simply emphasizing what they're against. In these times, war is a failure of imagination -- and so is the traditional peace protest. Folks need to hear the better alternative. . . .There's no reason a vision of a world of greater peace and economic justice cannot be wed to what makes strategic sense. We should, in fact, demand it." Geov Parrish,

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