Clerical Fascism & Totalitarianism

Kelley kwalker2 at
Wed Oct 17 19:54:43 PDT 2001

At 11:17 AM 10/18/01 +0900, Charles Jannuzi wrote:

>Second, I'm not saying the terms you use have no meaning. I'm questioning
>whether or not your use of them has anything but taxonomic function at
>conferences about clerical fascism--sure, that's rather ungenerous, but
>look at what you yourself have just written. Classify o.k. But then use
>them in sufficient context and use them to explain the phenomena they
>describe (more on this at another time).

i would like to reiterate what charles has said here. that's what i have a problem with. the term clerical fascism is descriptive. what's lacking from what i've seen is an attempt to explain fascism. i started to write something a bout this when perelman brought up the economic angle but figured it would be like arguing with a vegetarian about how to grill a steak.


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