Note to the "ladder of force left"

Stephen E Philion philion at
Thu Oct 18 22:12:11 PDT 2001

Lou Paulsen wrote:
> > Suppose, for example, you lived in a society in which "nobles" had the
> power
> > to commit all manner of crimes against "serfs", and were never punished
> for
> > their murders, rapes, thefts, tortures, and other abuses, but in which
> > "serfs" committing similar actions against nobles were hauled into court,
> > tried, convicted, and executed. You would of course be repelled by this
> > society, and you would hope that there were serfs who were struggling for
> > equality, and even some nobles who were critical of the present reality
> and
> > hoped for a better world.
> > Lou Paulsen
> > member, WWP, Chicago

Dennis responded:
> Well, wouldn't your example fit China's rulers, who (correct me if I'm
> wrong) your "party" supports? I mean, didn't the Chinese invade Tibet in
> order to overthrow what they saw as a theocracy? Haven't they, as "nobles,"
> been quite rough on those who wish for some political/religious breathing
> room? Aren't they assisting global capital by allowing sweatshops to operate
> under their rule? In this sense, I agree with you: I'm "repelled by this
> society." Are you?
> DP

Dennis, do you buy the dalai lama's version of Tibet's history? I mean most knowledgeable sources on Tibe agree that the Chinese did indeed overthrow a theocracy and a terribly unequally stratified one at that. Political breathing room, yeah there sure could be some more room made there, but since the student movement got its share of the modernization pie it hoped for i nthe late 1980's, well that'll have to wait a while.


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