Sexual Harassment

Dennis dperrin13 at
Sun Oct 21 06:15:05 PDT 2001

Lou Paulsen:

> For the record, Rob, your attitude is quite reprehensible, although
> nothing can be done about it until some more intense time in the struggle
> when you are happily leering at female subordinates and then suddently
> yourself completely surprised when the Women's Committee bursts in, drags
> you out into the street, ties you to a lamppost, strips you naked, smears
> you with dog dung, and threatens to cut your balls off. Some men just
> require that kind of individualized intervention to make them pay

Andrea Dworkin -- is that you?

Oh, how Commisar Lou longs for the days of intense struggle, when he and his fascist pals get to make up the law as they go along, punishing those on their hit list with the zeal of their Chinese and pro-Pol Pot comrades. But Lou, you made one mistake: surely you meant "Womyn's Committee," or perhaps "Wimmin's Committee," yes? Another slip like that and it's off the re-education camp with you, ideological deviator.


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