Sexual Harassment

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Sun Oct 21 08:09:01 PDT 2001

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Furthermore, isn't it odd for a supposed "anarchist" to write something like this in response to my reference to a "Women's Committee":

>Oh, how Commisar Lou longs for the days of intense struggle, when he and
>fascist pals get to make up the law as they go along, punishing those on
>their hit list with the zeal of their Chinese and pro-Pol Pot comrades.

When there is a women's committee, I will not be on it. I'm talking about self-organized anti-hierarchical activity by women here, not about the state apparatus. What is your problem with women organizing themselves and dealing with manifestations of the sexist hierarchy? They might even have a spokescouncil for all I know. And what is this aversion to 'making up the law'? Who do you want to make up the law in your ideal anarchist state? It seems to me that you would have to be a very moderate form of anarchist to have much objection to women's committees.

A while ago Dennis wrote:

"The Chinese revolution was inevitable and obviously necessary, and many good things came out of it."

One of the "good things" of the early days of the Chinese revolution was precisely the institution of women's committees who would go to the house of the patriarch who beat his wife, and beat him. What's wrong with that, pray tell?

As for "intense struggle": I don't long for the days. I plan for the days.


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