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Bryan Atinsky bryan at indymedia.org.il
Tue Nov 19 12:48:09 PST 2002

Hi Michael,

I personally have perused the site a couple of times. I don't know him personally...but he does live close by me in Rehovot.

Seems like a Meretz head (centrist left party) or a Labor lover, and the article you sent on Kibbutz Metzer is a bit annoying when he tries to play the 'rational centrist peace promoter' against the radical, ignorant and idealistic left (meaning the Left that is actually doing something at the moment)...

Here is some of his Blah Blah: "Show them a realistic way to peace and they will follow, and others will follow after. However, if all they hear from us are unrealistic slogans and amateur social psychology, they will abandon the cause of peace in despair. If we show more concern for dead olive trees than for dead people, the peace movement itself will be dead."

And when he says: "We must wrest back control of our society and of the Zionist idea from the settler lobbies..."

And in another article on Rabin he states: " the settlement adventure is warping Israeli society, and transforming Zionism from a progressive movement of national rebirth into the standard bearer of reactionary religious zealotry."

Is he talking about only the settlers over the green line, or is he talking also about the internal (within Israel) settlement movement of setting up new Jewish villages which encroach on the Arab villages in the Galillee Triangle (and constricting land allocation for expansion within the arab villages), or about the land grabbing going on in the Negev which is explicitly being designed as a demographic war against the unrecognized villages of the Bedioun populations in the south?

My guess is, he only is talking about the settlements in the Shtachim (over the Green Line)...afterall, Jewish control through settlement of the land is a central tenent of the 'Zionist idea' he wants to reclaim.

> BTW, Bryan, do you know anything about Ami Isseroff and MidEastWeb? I
> thought he had an interesting and related take on the Metzer attack and I
> was wondering whether this site was well known or if he had a real world
> presence:
> http://www.mideastweb.org/murdersuicide.htm
> It was brought to my attention by the Michael Pugliese news broadcasting
> service.
> Michael

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