the anti sex left

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Tue Oct 22 07:04:26 PDT 2002

Daniel Davies wrote:
> various folks wrote:
> >stuff
> but I'm still confused. I don't even understand what "sex-positive" means.
> Being "anti-sex" sounds sort of like being "anti-custard" or anti- anything
> else that's an incredibly ubiquitous feature of normal life. Which, come
> to think of it, probably means that the anti-sex left is much bigger than I
> think.

When you want to dissociate yourself from left practices, and when you want to maintain and individualist perspective, superior to those nasty people out there doing something in concrete conditons, and when you want to attack a lot of people without bothering to argue a specific point with anyone because then you would have to commit yourself to something (and lose your nice clean airy perspective from the high pedestal), but when, desiring all these things, you still want to maintain the cachet of being a "leftist," then you create something called "The Left," you resurrect every tired, moldy, humorless cliche that has ever been used to attack feminists, socialists, revolutionaries, reformers, etc. and you offer this sincere criticism of "The Left" while truly and deeply affirming that you really are doing it for "the left's" own good.



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