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Dennis Perrin dperrin at
Thu Jan 30 06:12:54 PST 2003

> Lordy, you must've wowed them in the fourth form debating society. Tune in
> next week as Dennis remarks on the irony of anti-censorship activists not
> printing articles in support of censorship.
> I would like to take this
> opportunity to make a bland lip-service disclaimer that I don't think that
> you're a painfully boring, immature, rude fuckwit who should take his
> "iconoclastic" act to the end of the pier at Blackpool where somebody might
> enjoy it. I just think that these issues need to be addressed without
> hiding behind dogma. You twat [see above disclaimer].

> "Us" implies that you had friends. Tell the truth and shame the devil;
> acting like a knobhead on purpose is the loneliest place in the world.

> Dennis, there are about twenty feminists active on this list and none of
> them can stand you. I don't see any reason to believe that they're not a
> representative sample of feminists. How on earth would you ever find
> anything out about the modern feminist movement? Or are you in real life
> polite enough to have the sort of conversation where you would get this
> information? In which case, I think I speak for many on this list when I
> say we'd like the same treatment. You utter, utter dickhead {"I don't
> think you're a dickhead by the way")
> dd

I'm this, I'm that, and yet . . . you can't resist. You must fancy painfully boring, immature, rude fuckwit twats who cry alone in the night and curse the day women got the vote. And you say *I'm* lonely?


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