[lbo-talk] As Sony wobbles, Samsung rises

Eugene Vilensky evilensky at gmail.com
Tue Mar 15 03:05:03 PST 2005

For all their chip fabrication prowess, they have this bizarre sense that Sony products only need to function as compliments to other Sony products, i.e., producing their own Memory Sticks format, the new UMD drive format, the until-recent inability of their hard-drive based mp3 players to actually play mp3s.

In fact, there was a Wall Street Journal story on how great Kodak is doing in digital cameras because they source from off-the-shelf manufacturers rather than developing their own chips ala Canon and Sony. Buried in the story is a simple fact that Canon and Sony sell more cameras than Kodak, respectively. Why do they write self-contracting economic cheerleading stories like that?

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