[lbo-talk] chuckO for pres

Chuck0 chuck at mutualaid.org
Tue Mar 15 22:50:44 PST 2005

Michael Dawson wrote:

> Right, but, for somebody who's an uncompromising anarchist, isn't
> "professional" a rather tainted way of saying "look great" or "look better
> than that?" Competence is certainly part of a "profession," but usually so
> is a major dose of arbitrary power and privilege, right? That's why
> lawyers, for instance, insist on writing badly. Otherwise, everybody can
> see what they're saying and doing.

I'm aware of the connotations of that word. It is used frequently in our culture to describe a product of some quality. Perhaps a better word can be found to describe quality creative work.

> Don't think I've ever heard Noam Chomsky use the word "professional" to
> distinguish himself...

I wouldn't know. I use "professional" to describe myself sometimes because I am a librarian, in other words, a professional.


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