[lbo-talk] RE: Rifkin's latest biotech angst

KJ kjinkhoo at gmail.com
Tue Mar 15 08:50:18 PST 2005

At 3:07 am -0500 15/3/05, John Bizwas wrote:
>If you have doubts, about the importance of nurture, then see the
>results of an experiment with CROSS-FOSTERING of sheep and goats
>(obviously chosen because they are so similar but still distinct):

Don't know if it would come under the "nurture" column -- it does all seem a bit of a tired debate, except for the fact of popular prejudices -- but last year there was the article about the emergence and transmission of a pacific culture amongst wild baboons: crudely, aggressive males got killed off from eating garbage, and the females apparently managed to impose and sustain (up to the point of writing) a pacific culture; couldn't be genetics, because males were imports. Anyway, turned out to be better for everyone -- less stress.

kj khoo

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