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Tue May 1 19:36:24 PDT 2007

At 07:29 PM 5/1/2007, you wrote:
>A couple of weeks ago I attended a week long RSA
>security class in Manhattan. My employer sprang for a
>posh hotel along the Hudson. The room featured an
>"executive command center" (aeron chair, flat screen
>display for biz data, a super sized desk, sex pro
>teleportation booth...).
>On the last day, I faced a similar situation to what
>you're describing: I needed to securely stash some
>luggables after I'd checked out but well before the
>RSA thing was done.
>I batted my eyes at the concierge: belle femme,
>pouvez-vous m'aider?, can you assist a poor man who'd
>rather not lug his gear through the bustling streets
>of your glittering metropole? Yes, she smiled, yes I
>can. The concierge put my stuff in a safe and gave me
>a tag as ID. By evening, long after I was no longer
>officially a hotel guest, I came back to the counter,
>presented the tag, got my stuff, retrieved my vehicle
>and rocketed out of Gotham at unsafe speeds.
>You can probably make a comparable arrangement.
>Bon chance!

I have solved the pocketbook q. I will just tuck essentials into a small zippered case that I now use for small bills and change. It has a place for credit cards, license, and room for breath mints. The briefcase is classy enough to double as a handbag in this sitch.

Now, I figured that a place like this hotel would have such a service, but would the limo driver see fit to swing by first? I'm sure she would -- I'm just wondering if it raises eyebrows with company to be billed for another trip. I know this is spare change to them, but Ellie Mae ain't got klew. I mean, it'll be hard enough not to spit my chewin' tabakky anywhere in that limo! *smirk* (I read about the closing of a auto plant around here. The old timers were tradin' stories, one of them said he used to spit chewin' tobacco juice into the cars to give them that new car smell. heh.)

I will probably just ask the HR guy who has been Shhhhheduling the event. He'll tell me what they normally do. I only need room for the clothes I wore in for the flight and I'll probably change into them at the airport, before I fly back for the weekend.

Ack. Gotta fly. That hot pink nail polish is calling my name.

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