[lbo-talk] Today is Sigmund Freud's birthday...

B. docile_body at yahoo.com
Mon May 7 08:24:27 PDT 2007

...And I unintentionally celebrated it by renting and watching the documentary ZIZEK!, the movie about the "card-carry Lacanian."

Still not sure what to think about the guy except that he's entertaining to watch amble around and blurt out eccentric, misanthropic, or puzzling statements. Occasioally he does hit upon something that seems intriguingly profound in its own way. The Stalin fascination is odd, and the Zizekian Lenin is still not the Lenin I know from Lenin's ownw ritings, which I have on my shelf.

Incidentally, the place I rented the vid from in Austin, called I Love Video (great place), lets customers put post-it notes on the boxes of the videos on the shelf, with their comments. On the ZIZEK! box someone had posted a note that said "ASSSHOLE! I Hope you burn in hell, Zizek!"


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