[lbo-talk] Help me decide my summer vacation destination

Chris Doss lookoverhere1 at yahoo.com
Tue May 8 13:23:43 PDT 2007

Samarkand is actually probably a better idea -- Tamarlane is buried there. (Cool!) Plus I just watched Day Watch and Samarkand figures there, plus I think the Tamaralane Museum is there -- he figures hugely in Uzbekistan's national mythology from what I know, they try to merge him and Islam in their national myth. Then again, Tashkent has the "Globe of Uzbekistan" and has big penthouses going up built by Afghan drug lords. What shall I ever do?

I just realized that Uzbekistan in July is going to be fucking hot.

Do you need shote in Uzbekistan? It's a post-Soviet industrial country.

My horse riding is limited to sitting on the back of a slowly walking horse being led through central Moscow by a guide. I think anything more complicated than that would lead to an early death for yours truly.

--- Chuck Grimes <cgrimes at rawbw.com> wrote:

> Yeah! I was voting for Uzbekistan too, but Samarkand
> rather than
> Tashkent. From there on by bus or rail or whatever
> to wonder along the
> silk road into northern China.
> But my daydreams of travel are extremely suspect.
> The summer before
> 9/11, I was working in a warehouse that had an
> exotic travel and tour
> business upstairs. They had a tour of the silk road
> cities that
> wondered through the weird borders of the Stans into
> Northern
> China. The pictures in their brouchures were
> fabulous. Of course this
> was just the washerwoman's dream. I didn't have I
> forget how many
> thousand dollars to cough up.
> BTW, Chris do you know how to ride a horse? It would
> be a really scary
> kick in the ass to get up to some mountain village
> and then hire a
> local guide for a horse trek through the high passes
> into the some
> really remote hinderlands. Just some more of
> scare-yourself-silly
> fantasies...
> Don't forget to get your shots.
> CG
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Lyubo, bratsy, lyubo, lyubo, bratsy, zhit!


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