[lbo-talk] "Life and death under Russian capitalism"

Chris Doss lookoverhere1 at yahoo.com
Fri May 11 02:35:45 PDT 2007

As an aside, this reviewer doesn't know Russian. "Dedy" means "grandfathers."

This stuff was all happening in the Soviet Union, except that alcohol was much more expensive. Average monthly wage could buy 35 bottles of vodka in 1970, vs. 135 today. Being an alcoholic in the USSR was hard.

Scotland has the same male mortality dynamics, incidentally, and for the same reason. I would guess Ireland isn't far off. (Wendy? Jason?)

--- "B." <docile_body at yahoo.com> wrote: Reflected through the book is the fact that it is capitalism that is inflicting dedy in Russia, whipping men beyond human endurance at work and encouraging vodka-soaked escapism.

Lyubo, bratsy, lyubo, lyubo, bratsy, zhit!


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