[lbo-talk] Dershowitz regrets having taken Finkelstein's bait

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Tue May 15 09:47:02 PDT 2007

On 5/15/07, andie nachgeborenen <andie_nachgeborenen at yahoo.com> wrote:
> He's incapable of getting the smallest thing right.
> There are three errors in that one little subordinate
> clause. You have to admit that is an achievement.
> "Now." "Teaching in . . . Ukraine. "The Ukraine." Duke
> sometimes lectures in Ukraine. He's apparently not
> doing so "now," which implies that he's either there
> at present or has taken a position there. He's not
> "teaching," which implies that he has a regular
> academic job of some sort. (See his website, linked in
> my previous post.) No one literate in English says
> that "giving a lecture" or a few lectures at X or in X
> is "teaching" there unless it part of a regular gig
> at/in X, at least a visiting or an adjunct job. If
> Dershowitz were (heaven forbid) to give a lecture, or
> several, at my lowly fourth tier law school; he would
> sue for libel if someone were to write, "Alan
> Dershowitz is (now) teaching at a fourth tier law
> school in Chicago." (It's not clear whether he'd feel
> more defamed by the implied association with a fourth
> tier law school or with a Midwestern city.) And, as
> you say, it's not "the" Ukraine.

Wonderful. It reminds me of Mary McCarthy's comment on Hellman... everything she writes is a lie even her "ands" and "thes".... Sorry not exact quote.....

> If Dershowitz told me that he taught at Harvard, I'd
> have to look it up in the course catalog, cross check
> the faculty list, and ask the Dean to make sure. I
> pity his students.

And is there some memory in the back of your mind of this from "Double Indemnity" where Neff says of Keyes


You wouldn't even say today is Tuesday without looking at the calendar, and then you would check if it was this year's or last year's calendar, and then you would find out what company printed the calendar, then find out if their calendar checks with the World Almanac's calendar.

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