[lbo-talk] Junkyard dog hits Motown

Wojtek Sokolowski sokol at jhu.edu
Thu May 17 07:20:07 PDT 2007


Almost every day - where I've gotten Pampers, Crest, unscented Dove, Ivory dish detergent Duracell batteries - all of which work very well.

[WS:] Cars are different, they require spare parts and maintenance, which are a major source of profits for manufacturers linked to US automakers.

Also US-made cars often get patriotic license - the "buy American" thing, even if it is crap. Foreign imports do not have that license, so they must be considerably better than the US made products to be able to compete. It is not unlike the male-female performance on the job - a woman must be much better than a man to be considered his "equal."

And last, but not least - schlock is as American as apple pie - from the day this country was founded it thrived by making quick makeshift solutions instead of investing heavily in the quality infrastructure, like the Europeans did: railroads (much lighter and shoddily made than those in Europe, freeways made on the cheap by comparison to German autobahn), coal mines, cities, housing, and so on. Ditto for cars. Making schlock quickly to be replaced with new schlock is an integral part of the American collective psyche.


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