[lbo-talk] A public square

joanna 123hop at comcast.net
Mon May 21 18:18:52 PDT 2007

Miles Jackson wrote:

>>But you're not really "working for nothing" when you publish an academic
>>book; you're building your credentials, improving your likelihood of
>>receiving grants and fellowships, fulfilling tenure or posttenure
>>requirements. Granted, you get little or no direct money for publishing
>>books, but that's not the point. Academe is a quaint "gift-giving"
>>culture, where your prestige and access to resources are determined by
>>your generous donation of academic goodies to your community. It has
>>always fascinated me how this profoundly non-capitalist culture thrives
>>in our capitalist society.
All the things you mention are not automatically granted when you publish a book. Publishing just allows you to enter the race.

As for the "community." I really, really wish that people would stop using this word as a synonym for "profession" or "special interest group." The whole point of "community" is that it is a group of heterogeneous people hold something in common -- possibly something as evanescent as the desire to come together to offer mutual support. It has been hijacked to mean "any group of people that serves my self interest." Ugh.



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