[lbo-talk] A public square

Miles Jackson cqmv at pdx.edu
Tue May 22 08:17:03 PDT 2007

joanna wrote:
> All the things you mention are not automatically granted when you
> publish a book. Publishing just allows you to enter the race.
> As for the "community." I really, really wish that people would stop
> using this word as a synonym for "profession" or "special interest
> group." The whole point of "community" is that it is a group of
> heterogeneous people hold something in common -- possibly something as
> evanescent as the desire to come together to offer mutual support. It
> has been hijacked to mean "any group of people that serves my self
> interest." Ugh.
> Joanna
I know you don't think much of the academic world, but it's a community in your sense of the word. Academics are not "professionals motivated by self interest"; to put it simply, they are people who think that learning is a good thing, and they are willing to sacrifice a lot for that belief. Most college professors could earn way more money in the corporate world than they do in the academic world. --For instance, I think I've mentioned the Nursing instructors at my school who could earn twice as much money in private hospitals, but they teach because--they love to help people learn. Sure, not everybody in academe lives up to this cultural standard, but for me, that's the defining characteristic of the academic community: the irreplaceable value of learning and helping others learn.


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