[lbo-talk] missing hegemon at the CFR

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All of which suggests no speedy withdrawal from Iran or Afghanistan and no reduction of the US military budget in the event the Dems win the Presidencey in 2008. SR

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> Both Summers and Volcker looked stunned into silence for a while, and
> then Summers said that that was a "powerful" observation couched as a
> question. And Volcker expressed concern that managing a crisis would
> be much more difficult now with the U.S. "politically weakened" and
> the target of so much "antagonism" around the world. He worried that
> Europe and the Asia might go off on their own. Someone else asked who
> out there might "lend a hand" if the U.S. hit a wall. Another long
> pause, and then Volcker doubted anyone would raise his hand as
> volunteer, which prompted nervous chuckles.
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