[lbo-talk] Nathan Newman quoted on UnionFacts.com!!!!

Jim Straub rustbeltjacobin at gmail.com
Wed May 23 21:13:56 PDT 2007

Yes, I wonder if Nathan will join Bob in using them and their anti-union cronies in the boss media to further his career, getting op-eds in the nyt and fauning coverage for his flop of a book.

By the way stephen, bob's critiques of seiu are NOT spot on, they are wrong on every level, factually, analytically, and strategically. He is a jackass. fuck him. I am full of plenty of tough love for andy and seiu's many and manifold flaws, of which I am getting ready to download to liza for her article on andy, but bob fitch is a fucking fuck of a fuck. Fuck him. The Hitchens of the labor movement. Tap-dancing for the Boss all the way, that prick.

> "A powerful local of Stern's SEIU budgeted another $35 million of its
> members' money on political advocacy in 2004, according to union
> activist and lawyer Nathan Newman." Ha! Nathan joins Bob Fitch as a
> left source for UnionFacts!

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