[lbo-talk] Who is the worst american president...

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Thu May 24 06:40:54 PDT 2007

joanna wrote:
> So apparently Carter said that Dubya was the worst American president.
> Is that true? What about Harding?

Hey! Harding was pretty harmless.

Polk: Launched war to expand slave territory; called by Grant the most unjust war ever fought by a strong nation against a weak.

Buchanan: An actual traitor, moving militry equipment to the south during the last months of his administration.

Andrew Johnson: Did his best to interfere with reconstruction.

Hayes: Ended reconstruction.

Wilson: Showed _Birth of a Nation_ to special White House audience; invaded Mexico; led u.s. into one of the stupidest wars in history.

Truman: Launched red hunt; launched criminal Korean War; dropped two A-bombs.

Kennedy: Risked blowing up the world; Bay of Pigs; Launched Vietnam War; did his best to sabotage gathering push for black rights.

Carter: Issued (by silence) virtual death sentence to Bishop Romero; responsible for slaughter in East Timor; against specific warnings allowed criminal ex-Shah into the U.S., triggering hostage crisis; responsible for slaughters in El Salvador; launched subversion efforts in Afghanistan.

Harding doesn't come close.


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