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andie nachgeborenen andie_nachgeborenen at yahoo.com
Tue May 29 07:39:10 PDT 2007

OK, but you have to be willing to run the risk of political criminal prosecution and a long prison sentence. This is no joke. Free speech, hah. Where do you think you live, Chuck?

I don't have to give in to self censorship because I don't approve of political violence myself. As Eubilides says, I'll leave that to the Bushies and their lackeys. I rather expect those as do approve it in any serious way are not yakking about it here.

--- Chuck <chuck at mutualaid.org> wrote:

> andie nachgeborenen wrote:
> > I'd just encourage people on this list to be very
> > careful about expressing any sentiments that might
> be
> > construed as calling _in any way_ for political
> > violence. The Patriot Act and its satellites are
> no
> > joke.
> > So it's really wise to not say dumb things.
> Please, no
> > one else one on the list agree with Chuck here, or
> we
> > could all get hauled in as co-conspirators.
> Are you kidding me? This is the biggest crock of
> bullshit I've read on
> this list in some time.
> I'm going to speak in favor of the kinds of
> political violence that I
> support. 9/11 and the Patriot Act doesn't change
> anything as far as I'm
> concerned. If the majority of Americans support
> various kinds of
> political violence, then I have a right to make the
> case for what I support.
> Free speech, right?
> Or are people on this list so cowed by the Bush
> regime that we are now
> at the point of open self-censorship?
> Jesus fucking christ. When I decided to become an
> anarchist in 1985, I
> knew I was venturing into some dangeorus territory.
> But I'll be damned
> if I let the fascists put me on the train to
> extermination without
> getting a few shots off first.
> Chuck "who is really pretty much a nonviolent guy"
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