[lbo-talk] The Matrix

Charles A. Grimes cgrimes at rawbw.com
Wed May 30 23:08:36 PDT 2007

Okay, I've been bad, I've been drunk, and truth be told, I am a slight bit tipsy right now---same stuff, Sapphire Gin with Martinis & Rossi--but never mind. Here is the good news. This note is coming from a new host, fx1 on DSL. You might think that isn't all that grand, but you would be wrong dears.

Chuckie, looped as usual, has asssembled his dsl kit, walked himself through the archane details of rc.conf, inetd, routed, and other FreeBSD details, plowed and more plowed than thou, and by God Almighty, we have contact---actual internet intercourse of the very fast kind. This post is the proof and the test of it.

I was so depressed today I ordered Ubuntu following the bot symbiot dot D dot and his pal in Jersey the shy R. You guys remind me of a famous jazz album, Oliver Nelson's Blues and the Abstract Truth. Beautiful then, beautiful now---as I watch the little green lights on my new DSL modem.

You know I can't believe this is working. I have been hacking night and day trying to get something to love in Freebsd 6.2, and finally tonight, yes baby, yes, let that love come tumbling down, here is your servant, Chuckie, with Marshell Royal and the guys, graduation is almost here my love, teach me tonight, teach me tonight, teach me to love.

At the immediate moment, I am in text mode writing on an rsh shell link to my isp, but it is like I was there, so to speak.

Hey, you know, there is nothing like a mechanical line (see Matrix Revolutions) and this is about as close to such a thing as it gets to the hard wired feeling of a real phone line in an abandoned electronics store in the inner city---all green and black, dust and shadows.

My apartment looks like the Nebuchadnezzar bridge, with wires, gizmos, tape, and lights flashing, screens blazing, hard drives whirring, fans humming, digital clocks out of sync, and a drunk operator running the show.

Ah, but the interface is even more awesome. An old PS2 IBM monitor, because Xorg is upgrading the entire unix window system. Nevermind that. I am telling you Dot Dee Dot, and R-So this is fucking cool. I can see the Matrix streaming down my screen, like I was there.

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