[lbo-talk] Hipsters Evicted

B. docile_body at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 26 10:54:09 PST 2008

Yeah, I hastily posted the "Hipster Girl" video, with its references to Williamsburgm when I saw Joseph Catron's original post, because I dunno what goes on in the swingin' areas of Brooklyn and Williamsburg, me being down here in the yahooligan South with Pecos Bill & all, but after reading the accounts of what happened to the, er, "hipsters," I have to admit that I am more on their side -- based on the blog entries Joseph C. shared -- than the city's

The shutting down of their housing unit and the really draconian conditions under which that took place (because there were vats of Matzo in the basement? Creating a fire hazard necessitating eviction? Give me a break!) seems like something that is worthy of some righteous anger. In other words, based on what I read, I support the "hipsters" here. Whatever and whoever they actually are as people -- people who are in the end getting evicted from their homes.

Unless there is something I am missing, I got the feeling the Williambsurg residents were being evicted because property developers saw a big chance to cash in on the neighborhood in light of the ambiance artistes had imparted to the area. So now that they'd done that, thanks, but you're evicted, and now we can set up some posh housing for the really-deserving boozhie types to take your place.


J T. Ramsay wrote:

"I hope we never lose the hipster strawman. Ever. Will there ever be a way to accept that people are displaced because everyone's after cheap rents, and that there's a lack of affordable, rent-controlled housing to maintain neighborhoods, esp. in NYC?"

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