[lbo-talk] me & Iranians

Doug Henwood dhenwood at panix.com
Thu Mar 20 12:12:37 PDT 2008

Ha. Yoshie would be proud of me. I've become something of a fixture in English-language Iranian media. Several times now a Tehran-based radio station has called me to comment on the U.S. economy, most recently last night. And I just was booked for an appearance on Press TV's English language service next Thursday. They've tried several times in the past but the timing never worked out; this time it did. Wonder if the Bush admin will put me on some sort of watch list now.

Update on my financial market contrarian indicator, in which mainstream media attention to me is a sign of an impending bottom in the markets. I've gotten lots of calls in recent days, especially after the Bear Stearns maneuver. But nothing from any big outlets yet. Closest to big is Wisconsin Public Radio (which, by the way, seems like a pretty good outfit - I'm always impressed by their hosts and callers) this morning. Yesterday there was morning radio in Kingston, Jamaica, and my new pal in Tehran. But no major newspapers or cable nets. Soooo....this probably still has a way to run.


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