[lbo-talk] Prisons and The Left

Miles Jackson cqmv at pdx.edu
Tue Apr 7 23:05:55 PDT 2009

John Thornton wrote:

> I know of no therapy that prevents child molesters from repeating their
> crimes therefore prison is societies best option in such cases.
> A person who steals a car or robs a convenience store are overwhelmingly
> not such persons. Not never, just very rarely.
> We are far too cavalier in imprisoning people in the US as is shown by
> our astronomical incarceration rate.

I agree with the general sentiment here, but I must challenge the canard about "child molesters". The recidivism rate for child sexual abuse is nowhere close to 100%, and there are effective therapies to reduce the recidivism rate, just as with other types of offenders.


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