[lbo-talk] Mitchel's interview with two Platypus organizers

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http://platypus1917.org/category/pr/issue17-pr/ I would start right here (issue 17) with the introduction. A few of their contributors need to read Orwell's *Politics and the English Language* over again, but it the gist is there. In class right now so I can't write out a summation, but the pieces aren't very, very long. I'm pretty sure Postone isn't actively involved with the project, but yes, former students of his were the impetus behind the initial Chicago reading group.

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> Carrol Cox wrote:
> The last chapter or two as he moved towards politics
>> were pretty weak. That, I think, is where his grad students are coming
>> from.
> To echo someone else's question, what exactly is this Platypus/Postone
> political analysis? I don't quite understand what they're driving at, when
> they talk about the Left, its past and future, etc.
> SA
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