[lbo-talk] Mitchel's interview with two Platypus organizers

Doug Henwood dhenwood at panix.com
Tue Apr 6 11:53:20 PDT 2010

On Apr 6, 2010, at 2:42 PM, SA wrote:

> To echo someone else's question, what exactly is this Platypus/
> Postone political analysis? I don't quite understand what they're
> driving at, when they talk about the Left, its past and future, etc.

Do you say that after having read their stuff? Because I have, though not with obsessive care, and all I get is that they think everyone else is fucked but I don't understand what they're putting in its place. I'm ok with that position if you're honest about it - it's one I'm no stranger to myself. But I'm the first to admit that I often don't know WITBD. Not sure they do.


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